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La Victoire de Samothrace, Unknown, 190 BC



The Painter's Studio, like A Burial at Ornans, is considered a masterpiece of the Realist movement.

Courbet is taking an episode of The Last Judgement - where Christ judges all souls, sending some to Heaven and others to Hell.

He replaces the Biblical figures with contemporary subjects.

He represents himself, as the judge in the center, which was also very provocative.

To the left, he paints those he condemns : art critics (the skull on the newspaper), the Academy (the sculpture at the back), Romantics (the musical instruments on the floor), Emperor Napoleon III (sat on a chair near the dog)...

To the right, he paints those he would save : Innocence (the child), Truth (the naked model), artistic freedom (the landscape on the canvass), poetry (poet Charles Baudelaire reading a book), art collectors (the well-dressed couple watching the scene), free love (the embracing couple)...