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La Victoire de Samothrace, Unknown, 190 BC

Avebury Stone Circle




Avebury is less famous than Stonehenge - but it's one of the largest stone circles in the world, much larger than Stonehenge!

It was only 1 day walk away from Stonehenge.

Its presence so close to Stonehenge testifies to this frenzy of building activity in the region at the time.

Avebury is roughly 350m in diameter.

It has over 100 stones, with 2 stone circles surrounded by a larger one.

Like all these monuments, it would all have been built using deer antlers and polished stone axes alone.

Avebury, like Stonehenge, has a large "avenue" leading to the river - an impressive flat band, 2km-long, flanked by 100 standing stones.

It also has another smaller circle near the river, nicknamed The Sanctuary.

Nobody knows what it was for. Some people suspect it could have been a place of sacrifice.

The Sanctuary was a combination of stone and wooden circle.

Fun fact : in the 14th century, local villagers began to pull down the stones, considering them heretical and wanting to use the stones to build houses.

A standing stone fell on one of them.

When this person's skeleton was found, in 1938, it had a small leather pouch containing scissors and a lancet.

This suggests that the man was a barber-surgeon, probably lending a hand as he was passing through the village!

La Joconde, de Vinci (1519)


An introduction to Stonehenge

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